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NOTICEThe 10th Annual General Meeting of the Korea Small Key Association (LPK) in 2009
31 Aug 2023
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The 10th Annual General Meeting of the Korea Small Key Association (LPK) in 2009


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2009 10th Korea Small Key Meeting (LPK) Annual General Meeting

How are you?

Members and supporters who miss the white snow in the cold weather, are you all in peace?

The year 2008 has passed, and the new year 2009 has come. Members and I still

The faces of the people who loved the small height group in Korea stand in front of you

It seems unfortunate, but it has already been half a year since the 10th regular general meeting.

In the framework of LPK gatherings, on windy days, my heart aches and even if it rains

When I hit it, my heart gets wet first, and when the coldness spreads all over my body due to the chilly wind of winter, I want to stand by the window and drink coffee with someone

I wanted to.

In celebration of the 10th regular general meeting and seminar, please love the Korea Small Key Gathering (LPK),

I'd like to see everyone who's been with me again. And welcome.

Date: February 14, 2009 (土) 13:30 to February 15, 2009 (Sunday) 17:00

Location: International Youth Center (Seoul Banghwa-dong)

801, Banghwa 3-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul

Inquiries: Korea Small Key Meeting Secretariat 02-338-0492

Support account: 038-01-069513 (Nonghyup: Korea Small Key Group)

   Branch Contact:

Vice Chairman Lee Kyung-ran of Seoul/Gyeonggi: 010-6342-2860

Vice Chairman Lee Hyun-sook of Gangwon/Chungcheong: 011-9814-7633

Jeolla/Jeju Vice Chairman Park Jeong-hye: 016-630-5753

Daegu/Gyeongbuk Vice Chairman Hwang Se-young: 010-5259-9108

Busan/Gyeongnam New Board Chairman: 011-9310-5451

* I'm applying for a scholarship. Download the application form, fill it out, and send it to the secretariat email

Please send it.

e-mail :

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Tel. 032-610-1111  |  Fax. 032-662-4797  |  Email.

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