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NOTICEKey Common Sense Excerpts from the Ancient Medical Center Newspapers
31 Aug 2023
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Key Common Sense Excerpts from the Ancient Medical Center Newspapers


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Is my short child dwarfed?

Taking care of your children's height during vacation

These days, many children are envious of their long legs and are worried about their short height. For them, the word "small peppers are spicy" is not comforting. General hospitals and university hospitals are crowded with short teenagers who want to undergo a thorough examination every vacation. A few years ago, a student at a prestigious university killed his parents out of regret for his parents who did not care about his short height, which shows the sensitivity of our society to height. Children can cringe if they are too short.󰡐It will be big after a while󰡑 It is the role of parents to take care not to miss the timing. Let's find out medical common sense about our children's height, such as dwarfism, for the vacation season

▲ Why is my child short?

When 100 children of the same sex are randomly selected and placed in a line, the case of the bottom 1 to 3 is called "dwarfism. If you grow less than 4cm per year from the age of 2 until puberty, you should suspect growth disorder󰡑. The reasons for not being tall are divided into those caused by disease and those not. Chondroplasticity accounts for more than half of the growth disorders caused by diseases, followed by osteoporosis. Chondroplasticity is a disease that causes growth disorders due to the absence or low formation of cartilage related to growth. Most of them do not have a family history because more than 90% of them are caused by new mutations in autosomal dominant genes are caused by new mutations. Osteogenesis insufficiency is an abnormality in collagen, a protein that forms bones, and is a genetic disease caused by the inability to fundamentally absorb calcium and other things necessary for bone growth. Because of this, the bones are weak from birth, so you often suffer fractures. If it is not caused by the disease, it is divided into family, which tends to be short in parents, grandparents, relatives, etc., and physically delayed growth, which begins two to three years later. These two account for about 80% of all dwarfism.

▲ How do I increase my height?

Early diagnosis and treatment are important for dwarfism. This is because it is useless to treat when the growth plate is closed. Growth hormones can be administered if the blood growth hormone (GH) concentration or insulin-like growth factor (IGF) is measured and confirmed as a growth hormone deficiency. One year after hormone administration, he grows 7 to 9cm, and the following year, 6 to 7cm. However, if growth hormones do not grow more than 2cm a year than before treatment, it should be considered that there is no therapeutic effect due to genetic factors. Just because growth hormone treatment is subject to adaptation does not mean that it can be treated at any time. Doctors believe that the bone age is less effective even if growth hormones are administered after the age of 14 for women and 15 for men. On the other hand, orthopedics also perform "Illizarov Surgery" and "Illizarov Surgery" to increase height by pulling 1mm a day after cracking bones. Although height can be increased by surgery to extend bones, this surgery is also selectively performed if men who are fully grown are 155cm and women are less than 150cm. It was not originally developed for the purpose of increasing height through Ilyzarov surgery, but for the purpose of adjusting the bone to its length in patients who have broken or disappeared a lot of bones in an accident, or melted or disappeared due to osteomyelitis. In addition to stretching bones, burns can also cause good results when the skin or soft tissue is damaged and the joints do not bend or stretch. Along with these positives, side effects are also formidable. This surgery is a high-level procedure in which side effects may occur depending on the patient's constitution or case, and different results may occur depending on the operator.

▲ Eating well, sleeping well, and exercising well helps you grow tall

First of all, you should point out why your child is short. Nutrition problems or cartilage problems. Down syndrome. If it is due to kidney disease, it is urgent to treat the disease or provide sufficient nutrition. Exercise promotes the secretion of growth hormones, so children should be guided to exercise hard. Experts recommend jumping rope, basketball, jogging, and jumping movements, which are exercises perpendicular to the ground, to be done more than five times a week for 20 to 30 minutes a day. In particular, so-called "growth gymnastics" shows 10 times more secretion of growth hormones than general stretching, and there are clinical results that show 48 times more secretion of growth hormones, especially in adolescents when growth plates are not closed. Height is the growth of the spine and leg bones, which are the pillars of the body. However, it is more important to have longer legs than the spine. Stretching that stimulates the knee, which is the most important thing to become a "long leg," is good. However, exercise that is difficult enough to strain the joints, lifting heavy things such as weights, and excessive exercise are not right. To grow well, you need to be nourished. It is essential to consume the five major nutrients, protein, calcium, minerals, vitamins, sugars, and fats, evenly in high quality every day. In particular, it is important to have a habit of providing sufficient nutrition and not being picky before the age of two. Lifestyle habits are also important for growth, but it is not good to carry a crooked posture or bag on one side. In addition, as the saying goes, "Children grow up while sleeping," the growth of growing children is deeply related to sleep. Children who cannot sleep well have less growth hormone secretion than children who sleep well. Seasonally, growth hormones are secreted 40 times more than usual in spring and 45 to 90 minutes after sleeping during the day, usually from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m., so if you don't sleep at this time, it is an obstacle to growing.

▲ bad common sense about height

․ Height grows even as an adult?

When growth hormones are secreted from the brain, the cartilage growth plate at the end of the knee, ankle, hip, and bone causes cell division and increases as the amount of cartilage cells increases. The height of 50cm at birth grows to 75cm at the age of 1 year and 87cm at the age of 2 years, and then grows to 4-5cm every year. In addition, women grow 15 to 20cm at the age of 10 to 16, and men grow 20 to 25cm at the age of 13 to 17, and then when the growth plate is closed, it no longer grows.

․Do you grow taller when you exercise a lot like basketball and volleyball?

The secretion of growth hormones is determined by the intensity, time, method, and timing of exercise, not necessarily by exercising in certain sports such as volleyball or basketball. Therefore, exercises such as walking, jumping rope, jogging, mountain climbing, swimming, and cycling, which are easy to do in daily life, are also good exercises for growing tall if they are carried out regularly according to their physical strength level.

․ Height difference between morning and evening?

Some argue for variability in height, citing differences in height in the morning and evening, but this is because the intervertebral disc between the vertebrae shrinks when sitting or standing.. At night, the intervertebral disc recovers to its original state while lying down, and in the morning, it is the tallest.

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