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NOTICE"Rare Disease Patients Parents' Association" Organization
31 Aug 2023
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"Rare Disease Patients Parents' Association" Organization


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Korea University Guro Hospital,

"Let's overcome rare diseases together!"

The "Parent Association for Patients with Rare Diseases" organization provides a place for information exchange and communication

Korea University Guro Hospital organized the "Parents' Association for Patients with Rare Diseases" for patients and their families suffering from rare diseases and held its first meeting at 11 a.m. on September 30 (Thursday) in the auditorium on the first floor of the research building.

Organized and operated by the Korea University Guro Hospital's Rare Intractable Disease Center under the sponsorship of the Life Insurance Social Contribution Foundation and Wonnam Medical, the "Rare Disease Patients' Parents' Association" was designed to provide useful information through closer communication with related experts such as specialists, exercise therapists, and professional nurses. At the meeting, lectures were given on ▲ complications of limb extension surgery (prior to orthopedic surgery by Kim Seung-joo) ▲ rehabilitation methods of hypotension (Baek Se-hyun exercise therapist), and about 20 members who attended shared useful experiences in overcoming diseases such as postoperative management methods.

Song Hae-ryong, head of the Rare Intractable Disease Center, said, "We will not only help patients and their families understand the disease through regular meetings every month, but also provide a place for information exchange so that they can overcome difficulties together."

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