What is Dwarfism ?

Dwarfism Clinic

What is Dwarfism ?

1. 1 Pathological growth disorder as the primary cause refers to a case where you have a disability from birth or cannot grow properly for any cause when you are in your mother's womb.
- Drinking and Smoking in Pregnant Women
- Skeletal dysfunction; hereditary as an autosomal dominant (see disease causing dwarfism)
- Chromosomal abnormality
- Congenital metabolic disease
- Other

2. Causes of Secondary Growth Disorder 
- Gastrointestinal Disorder - Renal failure
- a Congenital heart disease
- Long-term steroid use
- Hormone disorders; growth hormones, thyroid hormones, insulin, sex hormones, adrenal cortical hormones, etc
- Other 

3. Even though it is a growing period, dwarfism can be suspected if it grows to less than 4cm in height or if the full-grown height is less than 120cm in a year. 


Correction and Bone Lengthening 10cm 

Tibial Lengthening(8 cm) and Femoral Lengthening(8cm)

The Upper Limbs  Lengthening 10cm

The Upper Limbs Lengthening 10cm

Congenital Clubfoot Ilizarov Apparatus

Tibal Osteomyelitis
The Correction of Deformities and The Bone Lengthening

Brachydactyly Lengthening

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