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We came from China For the treatment

30 Jan 2023
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We are from Shanghai, China. As the father of a children patient, now i want to express my sincere appreciation to your esteemed hospital, especially to Professor Song in orthopedics department. During the two months in the hospital, Professor Song tried his best to relieve my son Tang Boyan’s pain by excellent medical skill、selfless love and noble medical ethic. His words and deeds are explaining the professional responsibilities of contemporary doctors.

My son has congenital dislocation of hip joint with body dysplasia. This June, he is 10 ten years old but walk more and more harder. We took him to many big city hospital nationwide for treatment when he was younger, also been to Hong Kong and Japan. But still didn't get any effective treatment. As his father, I really took a bad knock.

At the beginning of this year, we found Professor Song through the recommendation of Dr. Kang from Shanghai hospital. He made a preliminary inspection for my child, and confirm the pathogeny soon. In addition, he explain the detail to us including some successful cases. Finally, he suggested us to have a surgery according to the actual condition. With a series of help from Professor Song, my son had a successful surgery on 2015/6/16.

During the hospital stay, Professor Song and head nurse gave a lot of care to my son which made him more confident in fighting with pain. All the nurse are very skilled in looking after my son which leave us a deep impression. They provided knowledge study and multi-activities to enrich the life in hospital. And it's effective to distract the anxiety of my son. We are unexpected and feel very warm for these additional help.

During the two months, disappointment was gradually replaced by hope and confidence. Heavy anxiety was gradually defused by the excellent sense of responsibility and noble medical ethic of doctors and nurses. We sincerely feel Guro hospital is a heaven of patient. My family is so moved by the selflessness spirit of Professor Song、Dr. Li and all the nurses in orthopedics department. Efficient diagnosis、humanistic service and all the considerate nursing for children after surgery fully embody the excellence of Guro hospital.

I also want to express my sincere thanks to the leaders of hospital. It is the efforts of leadership to make this hospital under a harmonious management, so we can enjoy the humanized service. As a father of children patient, a simple word "thanks" is not enough to express my appreciation. In my heart, there are much more sensation、appreciation and respect for your esteemed hospital.

Hereby, I want to again express my sincere thanks on behalf of my family.

Meanwhile, we sincerely hope your esteemed hospital could

become more and more prosperous. And inherit and develop the excellent

medical skill and selfless medical ethic. To bring hope to more patients

and their families. In the end, wish all the hospital leaders

and medical staffs healthy and happy all the life!


                                                                                                                          Tang Boyan’s Father


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