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[Congenital diseases] (1) Our family trip at Chung-Buk Rehabilitation ..

30 Jan 2023
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  • (1)Our family trip at Chung-Buk Rehabilitation Center
  • l  Area of surgery – left foot, calf, and thigh
  • n  Split tibialis posterior transfer to peroneus brevis on left foot
  • n  Intramuscular recession of gastrocnemius & soleus on left foot
  • n  Plantar fascia release
  • n  Hamstring release
  • n  Adductor release
  • l  Area of surgery – both feet, calves, and thighs
  • n  Intramuscular recession of gastrocnemius & soleus
  • n  Intramuscular recession of semimembraneous& biceps femoris
  • n  Z-lengthening of gracilis& semitendinosus
  • n  Adductor release
  • n  Rectus femoris release
  • l  Area of surgery – both feet (bones), calves, thighs
  • n  3C osteotomy
  • n  Intramuscular recession of gastrocnemius and soleus
  • n  Hamstring release
  • n  Adductor relase
  • l  Area of surgery – both feet (bone), right calf (bone), both thighs, right elbow (osteophyte excision)
  • n  Right (monofocal) tibial osteotomy c Ilizarov application (for gradual correction and lengthening)
  • n  Both 1st toe (dorsiflexion closing) wedge osteotomy
  • n  Both plantar fascia release
  • n  Both adductor release
  • n  Right elbow, osteophyte excision



Introduction of Chungbuk Rehabilitation Medical Center

Chungbuk Rehabilitation Center is a 270-person welfare center for persons with disability, located in Cheongju, Chungbuk Province and run by a Catholic foundation. Chungbuk Rehabilitation Medical Center, which is located in the same area as Chungbuk Rehabilitation Center, takes care of the local disabled patients, as well as the patients admitted in Chungbuk Rehabilitation Center. I am working as the director of medical rehabilitation at Chungbuk Rehabilitation Medical Center. In December of 2012, 4 of our patients (we call them family members) at the medical center received limb lengthening surgeries from Professor Song at the orthopedics department of KUMC. I would like take this opportunity to share my thoughts as I was in charge of the patients during pre-surgical, post-surgical, and rehabilitation procedures.


A visit to Chungbuk Rehabilitation

On June 8, 2010, Nurse Jeon from KUMC came to our center to choose the patients who need to be operated. The patients who were chosen through this process were the ones who had secondary limb deformities due to other causes such as cerebral palsy or fractures. We had already tried physical therapies and using orthosis, but those weren’t enough to solve their problems. Orthopedic deformity correction was necessary to fix the deformity. By the way, I think it would be more medically proper to call their conditions “deformity”, rather than “malformation”, which pertains to congenital abnormality.

First outpatient visit with Professor Song

On September 15, 2010, thefive chosen family members (JeonHye-Ji, Lee Yoo-Bin, Lim Soo-Jeong, Kim Sang-Il, KimJi-Sook) were headed to KUMC in Seoul for first outpatient visits with Professor Song. We were full with nervousness and expectation on our way to the hospital. It was something rare for our family members to go to a university hospital in Seoul, but it was first time in our medical center’s history to get limb correction surgeries. It was something special not only for me, but also for other workers who had been working at the facility for years. The family members went back and forth to Seoul for at least 10 times for their examinations, hospital admission, and hospital discharge. I went to Seoul for at least 20 times to help them out with the process. I can’t forget the times I went back and forth giving rides to our family members and the experience I had with Professor Song and other doctors at orthopedics. The memories will stay as valuable assets for me.

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