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Updates and news [Regular patients] I am happy with my current life as a mom and a wife

30 Jan 2023
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[Regular patients] I am happy with my current life as a mom and a wife


  I didn’t eat well since I was little and I had always felt that I was small. It gave me difficult times when I was living in the society. After my mom’s research, she found out about Professor Song through an acquaintance. I was really shocked when I saw a patient with the Ilizarov fixator. The anxiety got bigger as I got the date for the surgery. I started doubting if I could survive the hospitalization and the surgery.

  But the pain continued after the surgery, the pain came back after a bit after I took painkillers. I was discharged after a week of hospitalization.

  This was where the battle with myself began. I had to keep turning the screw, and at night, I couldn’t sleep well because my leg was too heavy. But thinking that I was getting taller as I turned the screw and looking at the x-ray at the hospital twice a month was good enough for me to tolerate the suffering.

  Then a trial came up for the first time. Even though I disinfected and paid attention every day, I started having fever with inflammation. I made it through with injections. Luckily, it wasn’t too bad, so I got better. Next, even though I did exercises everyday at home, my ankle started elevating, so they took out the pin. When it was the day to go to the hospital, which was the only day I would go out, I was feeling of anticipation, even though it was hard for me to move around.


My only outdoor trip to the hospital

  I remember eating a famous duck dish in my car after big cravings. I still go to the duck place every now and then but it doesn’t taste as good as that time. My parents had a hard time putting my heavy body in and out of the car, but they believed in me and encouraged me till the end. My hope was to lengthen 10cm but I had to be satisfied with 8cm. I was a bit disappointed. After a year, I had a surgery to take out the metal nail. It’s already been 14 years since I had that surgery. Since then, I worked for 8 years and wore high heels. My work was to take care of children. Lifting kids in and out of the car didn’t give me pain or exhaustion.

  Now I am married with a kid. I walked up and down the stairs to my flat on the 3rd floor with my baby in a baby carrier after she was 100 days old, but I didn’t have much difficulty either. I still carry my kid who weighs 15 kilograms, but I didn’t have much trouble. If I feel pain around my knee joints after the age 50, it’s probably due to natural reasons. I don’t have many years left till then.

  Because I am a woman, I was also worried about scars. The scar was obvious with redness for 3 years and now, you won’t notice it unless you look very carefully. Now I even go to saunas or spas. I am sure the plastic surgical techniques have improved a lot more compared to the time I was getting surgery.

  If someone asked me if I would have the surgery again, I would say yes. At that time, I was too desperate with a height of 140cm, now I am satisfied. I am still quite short but it looks better in front of other people. I am happy now as a mom and a wife.

  Dear Professor Song! I don’t get to visit you and keep saying that I am busy. But I see you now and then through the media and always feel thankful for all you have done for me.

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